Find your most suitable holiday and let Garde de Rève take care of the rest…

Leon Moore & Lucinda Westwood have an

unrivalled reputation on Trusted House

Sitters with more than a score of 5-star

reviews and positive feedback.

Whether it is a vast country estate, mansion

house, penthouse apartment, villa by the

sea or bijou pied a Terre with pedigree cats,

Leon & Lucinda have you covered.

Bilingual in English, French, Spanish,German and

conversational Italian, Leon and Lucinda are

experienced, mature, solvent homeowners

with a keen interest in gardening, travel,

arts, culture, and music.

Knowledgeable, resourceful and intelligent,

we like to think we are your goto guardians.

Set forth on your holidays, business trips,

spa breaks, long-term travelling plans or

just joyous wanderlust in the big wide open,

and enjoy your time away from your home

and pets with peace and ease of mind,

knowing you are in very good hands indeed.

Trusted throughout the UK and Europe we

bring a level of experience, safety, security

and solid reliability that is backed up by the

endorsements of dozens of contented home

owners and happy pets that we have looked


See a range of our testimonials and

feedback below and confidently join a

growing band of clients who have

benefitted from our years of experience

living and working on the French Riviera

and Italy and house sitting homes and pets across



Official Trusted House Sitters Reviews
Lizzie Barnes
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Claudia Arack
Official Trusted House Sitters Reviews
John Doe
Official Trusted House Sitters Reviews
John Doe
Official Trusted House Sitters Reviews
John Doe

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